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Migo E-Cigarette
Can I bring Migo on an airplane?

Migo is safe to bring along on an airplane. It is possible that due to air pressure you Migo Pods or E-Liquid bottles will leak. We recommend to only bring empty pods on an airplane. Store you liquid bottles in your baggage and a plastic bag.

The use of Migo on an airplane, is strictly prohibited. Before bringing Migo, do your research on the country you are going to, in some countries the use of electronic cigarettes are prohibit.

How long will it take before my Migo Is fully charged?

Migo will be fully charged in about 20-30 minutes

Can Migo overcharge?

No, not with a regular charge. Please do not charge Migo with a fast charger.

My Migo doesn’t produce vapor?

Try cleaning the bottom of the Migo Pod with a dry cloth, it’s possible that there is dirt or liquid on the connection points between the Pod and the battery.

If this doesn’t work, you Migo might be broken. Please get in contact or return Migo to the point of sale. Migo has a 3 month warranty.

How do I charge my Migo?

In your box you’ll find a Micro USB Cable, connect the cable to a computer or adapter (avoid fast-charging adapters) and connect you Migo to the cable.

How do I clean my Migo?

You do not have to clean your Migo. If you feel like cleaning your Migo anyway, use a dry cloth.

What is Migo?

Migo is an E-Cigarette designed as the perfect alternative to the traditional cigarette. Migo is an easy to use E-Cigarette due to it’s simple Click & Go setup

Why Migo?

Migo is easy to use due to it’s click & go setup

Migo Pods and Migo E-Liquid give a similar satisfaction as a traditional cigarette

Migo is a settings free device.

Migo is small and easy to carry with you

Migo can be charged easily with a Micro USB cab

How do I store Migo?

Migo uses an internal rechargeable battery, it’s important to avoid a damp and / or hot environment. Keep Migo out of temperatures lower than -10 degrees Celsius or hight than 60 degrees Celsius.

If you haven’t used you Migo in two weeks, we recommend replacing the Migo Pod and recharge Migo fully before use. Keep Migo out of reach of children and pets.

Migo Pods & E-Liquid
How do Migo Pods work?

Migo Pods are pre-filled and not refillable. The Migo Pods make use of a controlled temperature spiral that regulates the heat each time you inhale you Migo. The e-liquid is heated by a ceramic coil and a piece of cotton. The cotton is used to absorb the e-liquid.

What flavours does Migo have?

Migo Pods 20MG: Almond Tobacco, Dry-Aged Tobacco, Euka Menthol, Lemon Meringue and Melon Smoothie.

Migo E-Liquid 10 and 20 MG: Almond Tobacco, Blueberry Tart, Dry-Aged Tobacco, Euka Menthol, Lemon Meringue, Melon Smoothie, Peach Shake, Smooth Tobacco, Strawberry Lemonade and Tropical Mix.

How to store your Migo Pods and expiration dates

Expiration dates can be found on the package. Migo Pods and E-Liquid are best stored in a dry environment at room temperature.

What does Migo E-Liquid consist of?

Migo E-Liquid consist of following main ingredients. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Artifical Flavoring, Nicotine and Benzoic Acid.

Are there 0MG Migo Pods available?

Right now all Migo E-Liquids and Migo Pods contain Nicotine. Migo is developed as alternative to a traditional cigarette.

Where can I deposit my Migo Pods?

You can deposit your Migo Pods in a regular bin.

Can I change my order?

The moment your has been placed, we can not change it. You do have the opportunity to cancel your order. This is only possible when you order has not been send yet. When your order has been send you can return your products within 14 days. This is only possible in an unopened package.

Can I return my Migo Product?

You can return your unopened products within 14 days after your order date. We do not accept opened products. Web orders can be returned to the following address:

Migo Nederland B.V.

Willem Fenengastraat 16a




Please include your Order number and your name to confirm your order and refund your money. Migo Products bought at a store can be returned at the point of sale.

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